The Aveyron is for food lovers

Here is a land rich in local produce: from wine to cheeses, meat to patisseries, the Aveyron is a culinary paradise.

The “must try”: aligot based on potatoes and tome fraîche and estofinado, delicious local version of brandade de morue. But that’s not all, farçous and tripoux, échaudés, fouace or other gateau à la broche, the list is far from being exhaustive. Your taste buds will guide you in the Aveyron!


Cheeses of Aveyron

The Aveyron is a cheese board!

In the south, the sheep’s milk cheeses with the Tommes, Pérails, Bleu des Causses and of course Roquefort, the most famous Aveyronnais cheese. In the north, cow’s milk is used: Laguiole, Ecir. Further to the west, goat’s milk is used to produce the delicious Cabécous. Taste the different “terroir” in the Aveyron by savouring this incredible variety of cheeses!.

Cheeses of the Aveyron

Rodez market

Markets: mix of smells and flavours

Visit the markets where flavours and smells mix, sit at one of the tables set up at the evening markets, fill your picnic hamper for the following day's excursion: markets are a tradition in the Aveyron and this is where you will find fresh and varied produce from local producers.
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Wine of the Aveyron

Aveyron wines: ancient grape varieties regain favour

Ancient grape varieties have regained favour to produce character wines: the Fer Servadou or Mansois for the AOC Marcillac (red and rosé wines) that have just celebrated their 20th birthday; Mauzac and Chenin for the Entraygues Le Fel and Estaing wines. Not forgetting the Côtes de Millau and the latest addition the “Vin de Pays de l’Aveyron”.
Wines of the Aveyron

Dine in style

Restaurants : from country auberge to top chefs, it's a gourmet invitation!

Since 2010, the “repas gastronomique des français” or French gastronomic meal has been classed as UNESCO cultural heritage and an Aveyronnais meal is a very good example of this. From the farm auberge with its fixed menu to the table of a Michelin starred chef, meals are festive here and guests enjoy the pleasures of eating and drinking well. With, as icing on the cake, often exceptional good value for money.
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The Michelin starred chefs

The Michelin stars or other great “toqués” (chefs) in Gault et Millau are the ambassadors of local gastronomy who give the département its such a high reputation for its good food. A reputation acquired over a hot stove in the kitchens of the département. The chefs, with talented emissary Michel Bras, make the Aveyron extremely appetising!
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