Knives of Laguiole

What is the savoir-faire of the Aveyron?

The Aveyron is a département marked by the history, traditions and savoir-faire of its ancestral crafts. But its artisans don't simply reproduce objects from the past, quite the contrary!

Knife-makers (knives of Laguiole and Sauveterre), luxury glove makers, leather workers and tanners (Causse Gantier), and the clothing industry are some of the main activities in the Aveyron based on long traditions and diversified savoir-faire.

In the food sector too, the savoir-faire is expressed through the production of cheese, wine and other local specialities.

Several companies in the Aveyron open their doors to visitors wishing to discover the artisanal techniques. From the knife-makers in Laguiole to the glove-makers in Millau, from cheese cooperatives to wine-makers: make the most of your holiday by discovering ancestral savoir-faire.


From cheese cooperatives to wine-makers

Lead by the “big brother” AOC Marcillac, the AOC d'Entraygues, d'Estaing and the Côtes de Millau, they welcome the latest member of the club the "Vins de Pays de l'Aveyron".

The centuries old tradition of the cheese makers and master refiners insure the perdurance of our numerous cheeses. From Roquefort to the little Cabécou, there’s something for everyone!

Discoerthe secrets of our vineyards and taste our numerous cheeses.

Glove-makers of Millau

From the knife-makers of Laguiole to the glove-makers of Millau

From the Laguiole knife, symbol of the Aveyron, to the leather gloves made in Millau, not forgetting the wood turners or the potters, embellish your stay by a fascinating discovery of the Aveyron’s artisans d’art. They will be delighted to present their works to you (workshop visits, artisan and art courses).