The Causse

The Knights Templar and Hospitaller

The Knights Templar took possession of the Larzac plateau in the 12th century thanks to the gifting of land to the order and from which the revenue served to maintain the Knights in the Holly Land. In order to ensure the security of the local inhabitants, they created the commandry of Sainte-Eulalie de Cernon, La Cavalerie, La Couvertoirade and Le Viala du Pas de Jaux; these villages which the Hospitaller Knights inherited during the suppression of the Order of the Knights Templar by the Pope in 1312 were fortified in the 15th century. The Hospitaller Knights ensured their management for five centuries.

Today, on the A75 motorway route, in the south Aveyron, these mediaeval sites, offering a unique and remarkably preserved heritage, await you on the "Circuit du Larzac Templier et Hospitalier" (Larzac Knights Templar and Hospitaller circuit) where you will discover their long and fascinating history…

Templar and Hospitaller circuit

The Circuit of "Larzac Templier et Hospitalier"

It covers 85 kilometres. It takes two days, if you want to go deeper into the relationships closely linking the Knights Templar sites with each other and with the area.

All sites offer guided visits that enable you to better understand the history, architecture, past and present but also the future programmes for tourist and cultural development. Audio-guides are available at each of the sites.

La Cavalerie

La Cavalerie

If the Hospitaller village still exists, it isn’t obvious at first glance. Visitors will discover all its riches: fortified ramparts and its imposing gateway, 15th century houses, large 17th century homes and the astonishing 18th century church in which the vestiges of the Knights Templar are piously preserved.

Visit La Cavalerie

La Couvertoirade

La Couvertoirade

In the middle of an apparently uninhabited, almost hostile Causse, the village of La Couvertoirade appears like an unreal dream, that of a return to an apparently recovered past.

What a surprise to discover a village with its 15th century walls still intact and inside, its houses, its bread oven, its church and its Templar château, its miniscule squares and outside the walls the largest and most beautiful stone lined lavogne (natural pond) on the Larzac. Prepare yourself for a real shock.

Discover La Couvertoirade
Visit La Couvertoirade

Saint-Jean d'Alcas

Saint-Jean d'Alcas

Very beautiful fortified village, surprising for its harmonious regularity, Saint Jean d’Alcas is contained by four corner towers that encircle two unique parallel streets lined with small almost identical houses. The village belongs to the Nonenque Cistercian monks.

Visit Saint-Jean d'Alcas



Saint Eulalie de Cernon, preserved mediaeval commandry, houses a Templar church overlooking a charming square embellished with a fountain. The commandry itself and the village’s narrow streets are surrounded by the fortified ramparts and the towers built by the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem.

Visit Sainte-Eulalie-de-Cernon

Viala du Pas de Jaux

Le Viala du Pas de Jaux

Living illustration of the agro-pastoral vocation of the Larzac plateau, the tower of the Viala du Pas de Jaux was built in the 15th century, next to the old buildings of the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem, to protect the inhabitants, their belongings and their animals. Significant restoration works are being undertaken to preserve this heritage.

Visit la Tour du Viala de Pas de Jaux


Discover the treasures of the Larzac Knights Templar and Hospitaller

For lovers of history and heritage

Visits, both guided and unguided or with audio-guides in 5 languages, are offered at all the sites. “Tailor made” visits for those who are passionate about history: Privileged visits.

For children

Hugues, Larzac Knight, cartoon hero (offered in the welcome points on the Hospitaller Templar circuit) takes 6 to 12 year olds on a discovery of the sites and the history of the Knights Templar... Creative workshops, visits in period costume, treasure hunts are also offered in summer.

For walkers

- the topoguide: “Tour du Larzac Templier et Hospitalier” (Larzac Templar and Hospitaller Tour)
- 12 walk-cards offering circuits around the sites are on sale in the welcome points.
- the marche du commandeur (Commander’s walk): conviviality assured.

For young and old

The Estivales du Larzac summer festivals: Every summer, in the Templar and Hospitaller villages it is the opportunity to travel back into history whilst having fun !!

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