A Unique Village

In the south of the Parc Naturel Régional des Grands Causses, at the foot of the Rocher de Combalou, a unique village awaits you.

This is where, in the heart of the rock itself, one finds the cellars where the famous Roquefort cheese is matured. No discovery of the village is complete without a visit (and tasting!) of the Roquefort cellars.

Roquefort Cellars

Visit the Cellars, Taste the legend

Unmissable, the visit of the Roquefort maturing cellars will plunge you into an underground labyrinth that was formed naturally after the collapse of the Combalou mountain. Organised into vast cellars ventilated by fleurine, small passageways that enable the air to circulate underground, they house thousands of blocks of Roquefort, over which the master refiners lovingly keep watch.

Visit of the cellars :

Rock and village

The King of Cheeses

A legend

 “The legend has it that a love-struck shepherd… in order to follow a shepherdess, supposedly left some bread and sheep’s cheese in a Combalou cave. On returning some time later, he found them covered in mould. He tasted the cheese and loved it. Roquefort was born. Guardians of this savoir-faire, man maintains this tradition in the deepest of these caves and the miracle is still performed each time. "

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