Ateliers de la Maison des Savoir-Faire

The maison des Savoir Faires is an association aimed displaying and transmitting savoir-faires. Numerous savoir-faires are are present such as: working with wood: baskets, small furniture, wood sculptures, buffadous, walking sticks,.. - working with cotton: embroidery, doilies, crochets,... working straw and brambles: mats... and many other in iron, stone, painting, gastronomy... come and admire, understand and why not learn local savoir-faires.

Place : Campagnac

From 03 novembre 2018 to 25 march 2019

Marché de plein air

The market is held every Saturday morning on the boulevard Victor Hugo and in the Town Hall square. The Fair takes place the on second Saturday of each month and extends to the boulevard Charles De Gaulle and the Foch square. A small market is held every Thursday morning in the Town Hall square.

Place : St-Affrique

From 06 january 2018 to 29 december 2018

Le village de Noël

Place : Le Nayrac

From 01 december 2018 to 16 december 2018, From 01 december 2018 to 06 january 2019, From 22 december 2018 to 30 december 2018, From 02 january 2019 to 06 january 2019

Exposition de Crèches

The association “Viure al Vilatge” invites you to discover a showcase of Christmas nativity scenes at the St-Izaire château displayed in the exhibition rooms.

Place : St-Izaire

From 01 december 2018 to 06 january 2019

Marché de Noël de l'Effet des Mains

Once again this year the “Effet des mains' Association” will be present on the public garden to share or show the world of local handicraft. An opportunity to pick up the perfect Christmas present! Come out in numbers.

Place : St-Affrique

On 15 december 2018

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Stage d'équitation éthologique

Holding a BPJEPS in Equestrian Tourism and a BFEE level 2 in Ethological Equitation, the talented Anaïs Champarnaud who runs the ACE Paint Horse Equestrian Centre in Mirepoix (09) and who is also a Paint Horse breeder comes here to the Vispens equestrian farm to share her working methods. For many years, she studied with Elisabeth de Corbigny (John Lyons’ method in the USA) and was later her assistant before setting up to further develop this outstanding working method.

Place : St-Affrique

From 15 december 2018 to 16 december 2018

Fééries St-Affricaines : La Patinoire

Place : St-Affrique

From 15 december 2018 to 16 december 2018, On 19 december 2018, From 22 december 2018 to 23 december 2018, On 24 december 2018, On 26 december 2018, From 28 december 2018 to 30 december 2018, On 31 december 2018, From 02 january 2019 to 03 january 2019, From 04 january 2019 to 06 january 2019

Marche et Santé

Place : Pont-de-Salars

On 17 december 2018, On 07 january 2019, On 14 january 2019, On 21 january 2019, On 28 january 2019, On 04 february 2019, On 11 february 2019, On 18 february 2019

Stages de laine feutrée

Autumn starts to awaken our desire for creation, for sweet and warm sensations… Let me tell you about our felted wool training courses and the available corresponding dates.

Place : St-Affrique

On 16 december 2018

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Place : Drulhe

On 20 december 2018, On 27 december 2018, On 03 january 2019, On 10 january 2019, On 17 january 2019, On 24 january 2019, On 31 january 2019, On 07 february 2019, On 14 february 2019, On 21 february 2019, On 28 february 2019

Conférence : Arts sacrés de l'Inde

Art historian Jacqueline Robin who is graduated from the École du Louvre and the Sorbonne University holds in St-Affrique a series of lectures dedicated to sacred Arts in India. Come out in numbers!

Place : St-Affrique

On 18 december 2018, On 08 january 2019

Spectacle de marionnettes interactif : Le Ballet du montreur

Roger the Puppeteer has his heart set on directing a ballet dancing. And because he is a good guy, he wants to make it possible for everyone to be a dancer during the show by means of a stick puppet of his own design. Ballet starts with some classic work at the barre - with piano accompanist – where chassés, entrechats and arabesques will be rehearsed... Finally, hundreds of « Star » puppets join in the ballet… Here in Saint-Affrique, the foam puppet is awaited by children who will be pleased once again to enjoy the show.

« Roger the Puppeteer whose real name is Louis Do Bazin, carries out his demonstration and creates an entertaining relationship with the audience. So, there is nothing new under the sun it seems, until the moment one perceives… of what's going on with the audience: a sitting choreography which is like nothing I have ever seen before. This is a mass display of joy of being together and sharing intense moments of wellness. « Foot-hand, Foot-head, Foot-Foot », « xièxie » as we say in Chinese (thanks). » Télérama – Mathieu Braustein

Duration: 45 min.

Suitable for all audiences, from 5 years old

Tariff: Free entrance / Offered by the town

Due to a limited number of seats, booking with the Cultural Department is highly recommended

Louis-Do Bazin was hosted in Saint-Affrique during the 2014/2015 season as part of an art residency held jointly with the DRAC Midi-Pyrénées.

Acting and puppeteering: Louis-Do Bazin

Piano accompanist: Florian Doidy

Staging: Yves Neff

Place : St-Affrique

On 22 december 2018

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Les ateliers patrimoine de la Maison de la Mémoire

Children over 7 years old can expect to have a really good time with new discoveries and creations to be made during the Christmas Holidays. These workshops are free and open to all (up to a maximum of 10 children).

Place : St-Affrique

From 26 december 2018 to 28 december 2018, On 31 december 2018, From 02 january 2019 to 04 january 2019

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Stade Rodez Aveyron Rugby

Saison 2018/2019

Equipe Sénior Masculine en Championnat Fédérale 2

Dimanche 2 Septembre SRA / BLAGNAC

Dimanche 16 Septembre SRA / NIMES

Dimanche 7 Octobre SRA / St SULPICE

Dimanche 4 Novembre SRA / GRAULHET

Dimanche 18 Novembre SRA / CERET

Dimanche 6 Janvier SRA / CASTANET

Dimanche 27 Janvier SRA / ROVAL DROME

Dimanche 17 Février SRA / FLEURANCE

Dimanche 24 Mars SRA / NARBONNE

Dimanche 21 Avril SRA / AUBENAS

Place : Rodez

On 06 january 2019, On 27 january 2019, On 17 february 2019

Concours de meute sur lièvre

The AFACCC (French Association for the future of hunting with hounds) holds its now traditional Pack of hounds contest for hare hunting. This event which occurs at the beginning of year in Roquefort has now become well established.

Place : Roquefort-sur-Soulzon

From 12 january 2019 to 13 january 2019

Festival Latino

2019 is the staging of the 4th edition and the municipality of Saint-Affrique offers a rich and diverse programme, in tune with the 20th showcase of Latin American films held in Marseille

Place : St-Affrique

From 18 january 2019 to 23 january 2019