Place : Villefranche-de-Panat

On 28 february 2019, On 28 march 2019, On 25 april 2019, On 23 may 2019, On 27 june 2019, On 25 july 2019, On 22 august 2019, On 26 september 2019, On 24 october 2019

Troc du printemps

This year is already the 5th time the CAC is offering a spring morning barter, always based on the concept that “anything can be exchanged”: a book for a watering can, seeds for a good recipe, tricks for a pair of boots, but without the use of money!

Place : Martrin

On 25 may 2019

Marché de plein air

The market is held every Saturday morning on the boulevard Victor Hugo and in the Town Hall square. The Fair takes place the on second Saturday of each month and extends to the boulevard Charles De Gaulle and the Foch square. A small market is held every Thursday morning in the Town Hall square.

Place : St-Affrique

From 01 january 2019 to 31 december 2019

Marchés de producteurs de pays

If you want to eat real local produce and taste the best that the "terroir" has to offer, head to one of the frequent markets where you'll meet indigenous producers and breeders. From the farm to the fork - there's nothing more authentic!

Place : Rieupeyroux

From 16 june 2019 to 08 september 2019